[Samba] NUA + MYSQL?

Joel Holder jholder at networklogistic.com
Wed Apr 14 05:38:33 GMT 2004

That's true.  However, using it purely as a authentication db for other
services might work, because our users get /sbin/nologin as their shell
and are chrooted to distinct home dirs for ftp,etc..

Does anyone know if it is possible to use ldapsam with /etc/passwd
entries if you are also using ldap for posixaccount lookups?

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> why don't you map your users to the nobody or guest account ??
> (is this possible ??)

Sure, but you can kiss away all pretenses of file security between

> so all users are guests...
> dunno how to do it, but would be a nice work around..

It's easy.  But very unwise.  I highly doubt the original poster wants
of his users to have the same security contexts with respect to file

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