[Samba] Samba & Outlook Express

Alexander Gretencord Alexander.Gretencord at gedoplan.de
Tue Apr 13 20:20:44 GMT 2004

On Tuesday 13 April 2004 18:46, Ninja wrote:
> I'm agree with you, but not always you can use an Imap server, an usually
> who gives you an e-mail account for free gives only an Pop3 server...

Yes indeed that is mostly true. But why do you use those anyway? As I 
understood you, you are trying to set up a PDC with samba (or even already 
have one) so I assume this is for a company. This company can surely either

a) afford a service Provider which offers IMAP
b) afford to run its own mailserver
c) run its own IMAP Server off the samba PDC

In case c) your server must of course fetch all the mail from the freemail 
provider. I do that for my own freemail accounts at home with fetchmail. It 
was born out of the need to read mail in Windows and Linux while I was still 
dual booting so yes this is so easy to setup, I did it as a linux newbie :)

As I don't know anything about your organisation I don't know how feasible 
that is for you or how much work it would be to set up fetchmails 
configuration in a changing environment but hey this is linux and we got 
scripting languages :)

If you are just looking for another mail Client, try out Mozilla Thunderbird, 
you can define the profile path. I have never tested storing it on a samba 
share though, as IMAP is the definite answer.


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