[Samba] invalid slot with smbfs

Andreas andreas at conectiva.com.br
Tue Apr 13 18:05:08 GMT 2004

I know smbfs is not samba, but perhaps somebody here has seen this error before.

Basically, I can't use smbfs:

[root at pandora samba]# mount //buildmaster/andreas -o username=andreas -t smbfs /mnt/smbfs
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
error connecting to (Connection refused)
[root at pandora samba]# ls -la /mnt/smbfs
ls: /mnt/smbfs: Invalid slot

client (pandora): samba-3.0.3pre2, kernel 2.6.5
server (buildmaster): samba-2.2.8 + security patch

This also happens if the server is win2k, and I guess with other windows versions as

I opened a ticket at osdl:

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