[Samba] Samba 3, openldap, follow symlinks doesn't work

Christophe Sahut csahut at lynuxtraining.com
Tue Apr 13 13:47:02 GMT 2004

Hi all,

  I have a samba 3 server, and I want my users from Linux to access 
shares on this server (like everybody:) ) .

I have these directories :

  user1_dir for user1
  user2_dir for user2
  share  for all

On the server, I have this directory structure :


I have a symbolic link in user1_dir and in user2_dir pointing to 
/home/data/share ( ln -s /home/data/share /home/users/user1_dir/share)

I want them to only mount their own directory to access their files and 
the share directory.

Here is a part of smb.conf :

    comment = [%h] Home of %u
    path = /home/users/%u
    browseable = no
    writable = yes
    valid users = %S
    follow symlinks = yes #should be ok without but it is to be sure
    wide links = yes #should be ok without but it is to be sure

    comment = [%h] Share
    path = /home/data/share
    create mask = 0075
    directory mask = 0075
    guest ok = yes

When I smbmount user1_dir, I saw a broken link to "share". How can I 
make it work ? From the local Linux, it tries to access /home/data/share 
on the local HD (which doesn't exist).

If I mount it with konqueror (new link : smb://samba_server/user1_dir ), 
  I enter my login/password and it works. I can go into share and copy 
files. It is also working from a windows box.

My users and groups are stored on a ldap server, the authentication is 
working well. I use pam_ldap and nss_ldap. I dont't know if it is 
important for this config.

I don't know where is the problem because the only thing not working is 
smbmount. Any idea ?


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