[Samba] fileshare creation method

John Petro jxpsys at rit.edu
Mon Apr 12 19:40:34 GMT 2004

Has anyone tried, or knows of a way that I can give authority for a person
to create a share from Windows, without adding them into the Administrative
Users field in the smb.conf?  Or is there a way I can automate this?  I have
a number of admins across campus who will need access to create shares
through computer management.  I can do it as long as there is a valid
account in the Admnistrative Users field in the smb.conf and the
/etc/passwd.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  


Oh, I probably should mention that I am using Red Hat Enterprise 3.


Thanks for your help.




John Petro
System Programmer 
Information and Technology Services

Rochester Institute of Technology
jxpsys at rit.edu


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