[Samba] 3.0.2a configure WARNINGS on AIX 5.1 ML5

Park_Richard at blm.gov Park_Richard at blm.gov
Mon Apr 12 19:04:14 GMT 2004

AIX 5.1 ML5 
Samba 3.0.2a
ids510  (IBM's ldap)

I've been told that I need to compile Samba  3.0.2a with ads and ldap 
support so that it will athenticate with our Windows 2003 domain after 
NTLM is turned off.

However, when I run configure  I get the following warnings:

configure: WARNING: libldap is needed for LDAP support
configure: WARNING: Active Directory Support requires LDAP support

First I used the openldap from IBM's Linux Toolkit web site, then I 
downloaded UCLA's openldap.2.2.8.tar and put it in /usr/local then I 
installed IBM's ldap,  ids510.   Same results.  Here is the last iteration 
of my configure script:

export LIBPATH=/usr/local/lib:$LIBPATH
 ./configure  \
--with-libiconv=/usr/local/special  \
--with-ldap=/usr/ldap  \

configure completes, with the WARNINGS I mention above, and I'm able to 
run make and make install but when NTLM is shut off Samba no longer works.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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