[Samba] netlogon, logonscript halts on error

Torben Thomsen torben at itcampus.dk
Sun Apr 11 15:03:53 GMT 2004


I have a setup of samba 3.0.2a-Debian and validate domainusers on a LDAP 

Right now I have a major hack to dynamicly mount the appropriate shares 
for each user.

I have a "root preexec" perlfile that uses a database with info about 
the shares, to creates a username.bat file, which mounts all the drives, 
that users is alowed to write or read.

My problem is that the winlogon script does not excecute properbly on a 
domain logon.

This is a typical logonscript:
NET USE H: \\SERVER\username /YES
NET USE Q: \\SERVER\a_share /YES
NET USE J: \\SERVER\another /YES

The bat-file excecutes all lines if I call it directly on 
//SERVER/netlogon/username.bat. It DOES throw a error sometimes, either 
because no drives are mounted, or because they are already mounted, I'm 
not realy sure, but it unmounts and mounts the drives.

But on the domain-netlogon it halts on the first error, and never 
executes the rest of the script.

Is there a way to create the script so no errors can occour, or force 
windows to continue executing the script on errors ?
Or could my script be constructed smarter? (eg. without the "* /DELETE")


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