[Samba] PDC + Win XP client + Policy file

RRuegner robert at ruegner.org
Sat Apr 10 17:00:49 GMT 2004

Ninja schrieb:

> Hi to all. I'm tring to make a linux server to act as a PDC using samba 3,
> using on the client Win XP. I have setted it and everythings is ok, but I
> have no idea of how to create policy file, so to restrict access on the
> client at the different user...
> It's possible to use poledit on Win XP?
> What can I use and how I have to write the smb.conf to realize it?
> Thanks to all.
for sure it is no problem with xp,
you have to download the policy editor at ms, which is included 
microsoft office resource kit tools (poledit.exe) , follow the 
instructions and how to by ms or google arround there are many helpfull 
but restricting a user to a special win machines is a feature
from the user account settings, i think , which only can be done with 
ldap backend and samba ( at my current knowledge ), neverless you can do 
helpfull thing with policies
i use it for giving non adult users group a content filter proxy and 
permit them to edit the proxy setup in ie

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