[Samba] Deleting of Desktop Icons

K. Hawkes k.hawkes at darknyte.force9.co.uk
Sat Apr 10 10:28:48 GMT 2004

We had this issue also, you need to ensure 3 things :
1) Ensure that the time is being set (as Nigel suggested).
2) Ensure that the C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS area of the client PC
is not filled up with many profiles - e.g. <USERNAME> <USERNAME.000>
<USERNAME.001> etc...
3) As I don't know what kind of desktop-security you use, I'm not sure how
relevant this next part is.

If you are using POLEDIT to control 'Start Menu' or 'Desktop' locations
(such as redirection),
make sure they are NOT set.

With NT/2K/XP, Samba's 'logon-home', 'logon-drive', 'logon-path' values are
picked up and used
correctly, the only time you would need to specify a user start menu or
desktop is with Win98 clients.


logon-path = \\%N\%U\profile
logon-home = \\%N\%U
logon-drive = H:

Provided your profiles exist under \\SERVERNAME\USERNAME\profile (and have
sufficient permissions),
this should sort out your problem, I hope.

If you are using poledit or gpedit with folder redirection, make sure the
policy for start menu/desktop is
NOT CONFIGURED, not set or unset, otherwise if you set it, it doesn't update
profiles properly.
If you unset it, you get the same thing. Not configured basically makes it
use the samba-supplied values.

Hope this helps.

> This could be a time sync problem. Are the
> domain machines syncing time from
> the same source and correctly ?

>> I have the same issue as well, on XP and 2k.
>> sometimes it actually deletes icons and folders, but most often they are
>> recreated after a login.  It might be an issue with roaming profiles
>> from the samba side, I never managed to find an answer.

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