[Samba] Solved ?: Help ! Logon script doesn't work on XP

M. Vancl mvancl at setuza.cz
Fri Apr 9 13:22:23 GMT 2004

After several experiments I think I had found explanation of my troubles:

In my generated script I used z:\logon.bat pathname of copied main logon
script to local drive (copy /b z:\logon.bat %TEMP%).
But from some reason my WinXP don't keep (or don't make at all) mapping of
netlogon share to z: during script execution and therefore copy was
unsuccessfull. Due to chaos in my tests I concentrate my effort to another
things and this simple reason I missed.
There remain stupid question: Why the mapping don't work, when (I know it's
default) in my smb.conf is explicitly written "logon drive = z:" ?

Thanks for your attention and suggestions

M. Vancl

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