[Samba] Re: LDAP violation ?

M. Vancl mvancl at setuza.cz
Fri Apr 9 10:56:35 GMT 2004

"Jerome Pramondon" <jpramondon at alicante.fr> wrote:

> The problem is when I start addind users using the 'smbpasswd' command.
> I get an objectclass violation which says it cannot modify the
> 'userPassword' attribute.
> After some searching, I noticed the 'userPassword' attribute was only
> defined in the 'PosixAccount' objectclass. If I use a LDAP browser to
> look what's in my directory, I see the user account, but he only has the
> 'SambaSamAccount' objectclass.
> So it seems completly correct : if the 'PosixAccount' objectclass is not
> added, then how could the 'userPassword' attribute be used in that
> object ...
> Then why the command does not add that objectclass ?

I'm not sure, but I think smbpasswd is not useable for ldap backend and you
must use some more sofisticated program for it (e.g. IDEALX smbldap-tools

M. Vancl

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