[Samba] Help ! Logon script doesn't work on XP

M. Vancl mvancl at setuza.cz
Fri Apr 9 09:29:28 GMT 2004


I have very strange problem:
I had created logon script (bat file dynamically generated by root peexec)
and tested it successfully on Win98 workstation.
Now I'm testing it on XP wkst., but the same (created by the same method)
script is during logon not executed.
What is absolutely mysterious for me ? The script is really read by
workstation durin logon - I saw it in network traffic (caught by tcpdump and
displayed by ethereal).
Here is copy of current script (of course - every line o file ends with
--- snip ---
@echo off
set CLIENT=prog01t
set USER=p01861
set SERVER=sambaii
set SMBPID=24631
set ARCH=WinXP
copy /b z:\logon.bat %TEMP%\logon.bat
--- snip ---
After logon there is no file %TEMP%\logon.bat.
Next, when I manually do "net use z: \\sambaii\netlogon" and execute my
logon script from there, everything is done by my wishes...

Does have  anybody some idea ?

Thanks for any advice

M. Vancl

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