[Samba] why do occur seg-fault at uicode_to_unix_char() - using remote_change_password function???

yuchan yuchan at kisti.re.kr
Fri Apr 9 06:11:09 GMT 2004

Hello everyone.

I am writing some program which change password of smb users.

so  i use remote_change_password function and try it  but seg-fault whenever
call unicode_to_unix_char() function.

blow my code

int setsambapassword( const char *remotehost, char *username, const char
*smboldpassword, char *password)
	char err[1024];
	int ret;

	memset( &err, '\0', sizeof(err));

	ret = remote_password_change(remotehost, username, smboldpassword,
password, err, sizeof(err));

	if( *err)
		fprintf(stderr, err);
	return ret;

and compiling with follow option

gcc -o testsamba testsamba.c -lsmbclinet /usr/lib/libsmbclinet.a -g

and run using gdb

gdb ./testsamba
gdb> run

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault,
0x080850dc in unicode_to_unix_char()

gdb) where
#0 0x08085dc in unicode_to_unix_char()
#1 0x08069a27 in clistr_pull()
#2 0x08060a7b in cli_negprot()

why does this problem occur?????


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