[Samba] Samba Shares and Win32 Viruses

Ow Mun Heng ow.mun.heng at wdc.com
Fri Apr 9 03:34:38 GMT 2004

Hi Collective users of Samba, (does has a nice ring to it eh?)

Recently I found a my samba server being infected by win32 viruses. 
Though it does not affect the server in any way, I do find them to be
an annoyance.

I understand also that I can perform "veto" of files like *.exe in smb.conf
but find that to be a wee bit restrictive. There are some users who
stores valid executables in the shares.


"To prevent access to suspicious files (e.g., those that tend to become 
infected by virus'), use the following. The last bit prevents access to 
files with a CLSID in the file extension.

veto files = /*.exe/*.dll/*.pif/*.com/*.vbs/*.{*}/"

Cheers,                                                 .^.
Mun Heng, Ow                                            /V\
H/M Engineering                                       /(   )\
Western Digital M'sia                                  ^^-^^
DID : 03-7870 5168                          The Linux Advocate


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