[Samba] Mac OS 9 And Mac OS 10 Clients

Philip Edelbrock phil at edgedesign.us
Wed Apr 7 19:06:20 GMT 2004

Simon, the forked project is "Baltra".  It changes the scheme that 
Netatalk uses to store files on the server to use Apple's standards 
(utf-8, ._filename style AppleDouble forks, etc.) instead of Netatalk's 
ancient arbitrary schemes.

For more info:



Simon Hobson wrote:

> James Coggan wrote:
>> Is there a Mac OS 9 and Mac OS 10 Samba File/Printer Shares Client????
>> Or i have to install a server using the macintosh protocol ?
> OS X connects to SMB servers out of the box. OS 9 does not, however 
> there is third party software (Dave from Thurlby Systems ?) that adds 
> this capability.
> Be aware however that Netatalk sores Mac files differently to OS X 
> accessing the same server via SMB - though there is a forked project 
> (under a different name that escapes me at the moment) that is 
> engineering a version of Netatalk to support AFP3 and compatibility 
> between the two access methods.
> Simon

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