[Samba] Connecting NT4 USers to a Sun Machine running Samba

Riches Matthew (RKB) Clinical Scientist Matthew.Riches at uhcw.nhs.uk
Wed Apr 7 12:22:50 GMT 2004

HI, this is my first post, and I am new to Samba, so please be gentle !


Samba Version is 3.0.2a, and it is running on a Sun workstation.


I have left as much of my installation as default as I can, and have a
simple .conf file (below)


; Configuration file for smbd.



   workgroup = rtpdev

   security = user

   encrypt passwords = yes

   smb passwd file = /usr/local/samba/private/smbpasswd



   comment = testing only

   path = /export/home/rtpdev

   public = yes

   writable = yes

   printable = no

   valid users = rtpdev


My problem is that I have 10 machines I would like to give access to the
rtpdev share, but the only one that can connect to the share is my laptop
running windows 2000. (The other machines are a variety of Win NT and Win


I have tried as many combinations of things as I can think of, including
logging in on the laptop before trying a second connection, logging out
before, rebooting samba and not using the laptop to connect, but always the
same result.


One thing that does concern me is that samba does not appear in network
neighbourhood (even on the laptop), I had to search for it with the laptop,
but none of the NT or 98 machines will find the server even if I search for


Has anyone got any hints / help / advice as I am out of ideas and have spent
2 days on what I am told should be a very simple procedure.




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