[Samba] smbusers and smbpasswd

John Sheridan excalibr at wowmail.com
Wed Apr 7 05:24:55 GMT 2004

Hi all,

I have a problem with using smbclient, my current setup as follows:

- Linux 9      login/password: excalibur & xxx
  Windows 2000 login/password: MYDOMAIN\darrenk & yyy

- Linux smb service - did not change anything in smb.conf except to make it use plain passwords:

  ;  encrypt passwords = yes
  ;  smb passwd file = /etc/samba/smbpasswd

- Windows 2000 - apply plain password registry fix

I can successfully access Linux folders from Windows 2000: 

- Start - Run - \\
- Type in Linux login name/password at Windows prompt: excalibur/xxx
- Successfully get access to Linux folder

If I wanted other Windows users to share the Linux login of "excalibur", I thought this would do it:

smbaddusers excalibur:newuser

I was then prompted for a new password which I entered zzz. The command was successful and there is now an entry in smbusers and also smbpasswd:

excalibur = newuser

However when trying to access Linux from Windows, I still cannot get in ... tried the following combinations:

1. newuser + zzz                      - no
2. newuser + <excalibur's password>   - no
3. excalibur + zzz                    - no
4. excalibur + <excalibur's password> - YES

I was expecting that this "newuser" will be treated as a normal Windows user, authenticated with the password "zzz" and then mapped to "excalibur" on Linux, is this assumption correct? What else am I doing wrong?

Thanks very much, Excalibur

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