[Samba] Re: members server cant find bdc for logon service

Vegeta lord.vegeta at ica.luz.ve
Wed Apr 7 02:51:16 GMT 2004

Matthias Eichler wrote:

> members server cant find bdc for logon service


I have exactly the same problem you have. I wonder i you found a solution.
I came to the conclusion it is a bug in Samba.

I have a setup very similar to yours (Samba PDC and BDC). If I have a
Windows member server I can mount its shares with the PDC down, but if the
member server is Samba then I can't mount its shares bacause it refuses to
authenticate against the BDC.
The worst part is that tried changing the PDC into a BDC setting 
domain master = no and it does work (with the former BDC down).

I tried with the following versions: 3.0.1, 3.0.2a, 3.0.3pre2 and none of
them worked.

I even tried with 2.2.8a and it also  didn't work.

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