[Samba] samba pam kerberos

Travis Groth lists at netfoo.org
Tue Apr 6 21:57:27 GMT 2004

thats not a good option as the password for the kerberos user must be
passed in CLEARTEXT for the pam_krb5 module to work for samba auth.  I
don't think you can even tell XP to do that.

On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 01:23, aarumuga arumugam wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
>            We are working on samba 3.0.2a with sun
> kerberos SEAM and Netscape iDirectory Server support. 
> We are able to integrate samba with ldap support. we
> tried integrater kerberos for authentication. We found
> a solution using pam via pam_krb5 module provided by
> the sun solaris 8. 
> One important fact we found out using samba pam
> authentication, it directly calls for an account
> management function instead of an authentication
> function. Please refer pam_smb_accountcheck function
> () in pampass.c in source/auth . 
> We have included options like obey pam instructions
> and pam password change to be positive in smb.conf 
> and we have included information about samba service
> in the pam configuration file. we have included
> information about pam in the krb5.conf of kerberos. I
> have also set  the encrypt password to be positive in
> smb.conf file. 
> I am able to get a solaris machine getting
> authenticated by the kerberos server.The problem is
> when i try to join a Win xp computer to the samba
> server . I get access denied error. when i check the
> samba logs, i could find the samba sam authentication
> succeded but when the pam authentication takes place ,
> It says authentication failed , User rejected etc., 
> I could not find any information about samba server
> contacting in the kerberose server logs.
> SAMBA server is not contacting the KERBEROS server for
> authentication.  
> Please any suggestions is appreciated. I could send
> the configuration of samba and pam and kerberos if the
> information is not sufficient. 
> eccsamba
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