[Samba] Unable to log into a workgroup share after saving password in XP

Mark C lists at funkypenguin.net
Tue Apr 6 08:51:18 GMT 2004


I'm currently running redhat 7.3, using samba 2.2.7 on our webserver and
am using Windows XP on the desktop, logging into our domain, I set up the
sameba server to allow a specific user only to log in in the default
workgroup 'Workgroup'.

This was working fine (for around 2 weeks), but I decided to click the
save password box in windows, and for some reason everytime now, it
refuses to let me even access the share, I keep getting the following

----- Start Error -----
\\Webdev\webroot is not accessable. You might not have the correct
permissions to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of
this server to find out if you have access.

The user name could not be found.
----- End Error -----

If I log out and login the machine locally (i.e  not into the domain), I
can access the share no problem, it would seem that for some reason when I
clicked same password, windows has added some extra information, and this
is stopping me from logging in, this has also happened to other users as
well, everyone can login to the share if they are local, but if they saved
the password and re logged into the domain, they are all kicked out.

All the people who have not saved the password, can still login ok.

There are no details in the actuall workstations logs on the samba server.

Am I correct in thinking this is a windows error, or could the samba
server be setup wrong?

All I probally need to do is delete the referance to this server and
password in windows, but for the life of me I cannot find it. I presume
it's probally in the registery somewhere.

Googling has not uncovered much so far, but I'm still looking.

Thanks in advance

Mark C

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