[Samba] Cannot umount as user

Torben Mikael Hansen HANSEN.Torben at nims.go.jp
Tue Apr 6 05:02:57 GMT 2004

I have to connect to XP-windows machine where my colleague have choosen 
to make a share name with a space in it.

I can mount to just fine having in the fstab the following line

//machine/direc\040tory /mp smbfs password=,user,noauto,rw,exec 0 0

However when I try to umount, I get

umount: /mp mount disagrees with the fstab

In mtab I find

//machine/direc_tory /mp smbfs 0 0

How do I solve it so that 'space' is not replaced by 'underscore'

I running RH9


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