[Samba] WINS Caching Error?

Chad Vincent chad at rhiannonweb.com
Mon Apr 5 18:43:01 GMT 2004

Bringing this back to the ML incase someone else has some insight....

Removed wins.dat from /var/lib/samba, restarted samba, still no 
luck.  smbclient is still looking at the old address.

I just checked, and it rebuilt wins.dat exactly as it was before.  A backup 
copy somewhere, perhaps?

"[DOMAIN]#1c"  1081448833 192.168.x.195 192.168.x.19 e4R

"[SERVER]#00"  1081448833 192.168.x.195 192.168.x.19 66R
"[SERVER]#03"  1081448833 192.168.x.195 192.168.x.19 66R
"[SERVER]#20"  1081448833 192.168.x.195 192.168.x.19 66R


Stopped Samba, THEN deleted the wins.dat, then re-started samba.  All is 
right with the world.  For now, at least.

It must read the cached file on start-up, then re-write it on shutdown.

The big question is, though... why aren't the old addresses getting 
un-registered when new ones are registered with WINS?  Or if that's 
standard, why do the old addresses take precedent over the new ones?

At 12:57 PM 4/5/2004 -0500, you wrote:
> >
> >ls /var/cache/samba/
> >
> >-rw-r--r--    1 root root  962 Apr 05 13:27 browse.dat
> >drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 104 Mar 22 09:05 printing
> >
> >No wins.dat.....
> >
> > >find / wins.dat
> >
> >find: wins.dat: No such file or directory
>ls /var/cache/samba/
>brlock.tdb       messages.tdb    ntforms.tdb     share_info.tdb
>browse.dat       namelist.debug  ntprinters.tdb  smbd.pid
>connections.tdb  nmbd.pid        printing.tdb    unexpected.tdb
>locking.tdb      ntdrivers.tdb   sessionid.tdb   wins.dat
>I'm still running 2.2.8a, I wonder if 3.x puts its
>WINS data somewhere else.
>I just did a quick (and I mean quick) bit of googling, I searched
>for "samba 3 wins.dat" and the first entry that comes up is
>from a guy who is having a similar issue to you, and is using
>Debian.  He shows wins.dat as living in /var/lib/samba instead
>of /var/cache/samba.  You may want to read it:

Chad Vincent
Phone: 330-283-4681

To: "'Chad Vincent'" <chad at rhiannonweb.com>
Subject: RE: [Samba] WINS Caching Error?

It's possible you have a corrupted wins.dat.

On my system it's in /var/cache/samba/ and
I've sucessfully changed it without trouble
(I had an issue similar to yours).  Just
make your change to the wins.dat and restart
Samba.  (Make sure you make a backup first --
it worked for me, but it might not for you.)



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 >Here is the problem:
 >Installed Debian Woody
 >Installed Samba 3.02a-1
 >Setup Samba
 >Setup Network to use Static IP address (Being a PDC / WINS
 >Server and all...)
 >Now I'm getting the following:
 > >ifconfig eth0
 >Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr: [MAC address here]
 >inet addr:192.168.x.19  Bcast:192.168.x.255  Mask:
 > >smbclient -L [SERVER]
 >Error connecting to 192.168.x.195
 >Connection to [SERVER] failed
 > >ping [SERVER]
 >PING [SERVER].localdomain (192.168.x.19): 56 data bytes
 >64 bytes from 192.168.x.19: icmp_seq=0 ttl=64 time=0.0ms
 > >cat /etc/hosts
 >192.168.x.19  [server].localdomain  [server]
 >Normally, I wouldn't be too concerned, but apparently this has
 >into WINS, and so we have one computer (so far, we're
 >transitioning to this
 >new server in stages) that cannot connect to the server until
 >the NetBIOS
 >has propagated to it, and I don't want to have to set up a
 >custom LMHOSTS
 >for every client.  That's what WINS is for.
 >Also, if it makes any difference, 192.168.x.195 was the last
 >DHCP address
 >on that network card before I changed it to Static IP.
 >Appropriate sections of smb.conf, ask if you need more:
 >interfaces=eth0 192.168.x.19
 >netbios name=[SERVER]
 >socket options=TCP_NODELAY
 >dns proxy=no
 >os level=65
 >domain master=yes
 >prefered master=yes
 >wins support=yes
 >local master=yes
 >domain logons=yes
 >name resolve order=wins lmhosts bcast host
 >Chad Vincent
 >Phone: 330-283-4681
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