[Samba] Very strange XP behaviour

Paul P Komkoff Jr i at stingr.net
Mon Apr 5 17:09:27 GMT 2004

I see *things* happening here.

XP. Trying to access \\host\sharea. works fine
\\host\shareb - pops up password window

shares a and ba may vary between reboots.
I spent 15 minutes scratching my head and finally tossed out
"snoop port 445"

So what I've seen.
On shares I can access wxp do:
1. Send: Tree Connect AndX Request \\host\sharea
2. Receive: Tree Connect AndX Response
3. Send: Trans2 Request: QUERY_PATH_INFO, Query basic path info, Path:
4. Receive good response
and so on.

But on failing shares (\host\shareb), on step 3, it trying to query_path_info with
path \host\shareb

Of course it cannot access it. When I did a basic test (mkdir
host/shareb in shareb dir) it stops popping up auth window and starts
connecting - but I cannot descend deeper into directories and cannot
access any file. Here I already turned snoop off so I cannot provide
exactly which path winXP adds to actual path.

I can provide dump to team members, and will glad to provide any
additional information.

Paul P 'Stingray' Komkoff Jr // http://stingr.net/key <- my pgp key
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