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lea at lig.net lea at lig.net
Mon Apr 5 15:53:44 GMT 2004

Well folks this is getting irritating.
When we map our Solaris Home directory to a network drive on the NT side of
life then attempt to "make a new folder"
it actually does make the new folder in the home directory, but it just hangs
up on the Windows side.

Any ideas why we don't get a return response?
Another thing is that if we select a ".txt" file to view, the log files on
samba will state that it has granted the OPLOCK
for the file, thne it states that it has it opened for viewing.  However, the
same thing happens, it goes out into
never never land.
Clues are appreciated!?

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Subject: Re: [Samba] Need Samba 3.0.0 help
From:    lea at lig.net
Date:    Mon, April 5, 2004 10:56 am
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Paul et all....,
I tried to add the webserver to see if this would clear up the problem I was
having with it seeming to hang from the NT machines, but it is still not
The thing is....two of our shares work...very simple shares...shared
automounts from our NIS network served off and SGI system.  We have other
shares off the SGI that do NOT work.

Home directories are out of the question.
It maps but then you can't do a blasted thing from the  samba mount.

This is getting very frustrating and I have customers banging me every day. So
any suggestions would be helpful.


On Tue, March 30, 2004 6:10 pm, Paul Gienger said:
> You can always install a basic web server on the samba box to give a quick
'No' rather than waiting for windows to time out waiting.
> Watch the logs and you'll see lots of 404's.
> lea at lig.net wrote:
>>I do not have access to all the NT or XP machines that connect and map
>> drives.
>> We are not the administrators.
>>I did turn it off on one of the XP's that we have.  There was no change. Any
other suggestions?  Possibly something on the server?
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