[Samba] samba3 PDC machine trust acount changes to user-account

Mario Hinterreiter getlist at fotopia.at
Mon Apr 5 09:44:54 GMT 2004

Hi to all,

I have a problem with samba3 working as a PDC and can't find anything about 
this but it drives me mad. Perhaps some of you saw this before.

Installed I've got the debian paket v3.0.2a-1.

After creating a machine trust account with: "pdbedit -a -m -u MACHINE" it 
seems correct -> "pdbedit -Lv MACHINE" lists a "W" in account flags. 
But that moment I enter the domain with the win2k client - which still 
works fine - the account flag changes into "U" and so at logon samba 
doesn't find an account for the machine.

As a backend I use smbpasswd again.
With tdbsam I had nearby the same behavior, with the only difference that 
the account flag was empty instead of changing to "U".

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