[Samba] smbumount: You are not allowed to umount

Elliott Hoel hoele at carleton.edu
Sun Apr 4 22:58:09 GMT 2004

I'm having a problem with smbumount.  According to its man page, normal
users should be able to unmount smb-filesystems, provided that it is
suid root.  So:

bash$ ls -l `which smbumount`
-r-s--x--x    1 root     root         6920 Feb 16 11:20 /usr/bin/smbumount

tells me that smbumount _is_ suid root on my box but I can't smbumount
file systems that I smbmount unless I'm root:

bash$ smbmount //some.smb.filesystem/home ~/home
9856: session request to SOME.SMB.FILESYS failed (Called name not present)

This mount is successful despite the error I don't understand (I would
like to though).  Then when I try to unmount it:

bash$ smbumount ~/home
You are not allowed to umount /home/hoele/home

What gives?  I searched the net but I only found others with this same
problem and no answers.

Also, I don't want to specify it /etc/fstab with the user/users option
because I know I don't have to (I've seen it work elsewhere, but I can't
spot the difference).

Thanks in advance,


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