[Samba] Re: Samba 3 OK at smbclient, Windows fails -- happy(?) end

vvp vp1242 at mail.ru
Sun Apr 4 13:19:06 GMT 2004

vvp <vp1242 <at> mail.ru> writes:

The happy(?) end of this sad story was in the change to another NIC, no more
than RTL8139 (!!!!) but with the native driver of Slack distribution. I am not
sure who is guilty - wrong driver (3C940 integrated, driver called 3c2000) or my
wrong compilation -- I used the kernel of installer and I have PIV and 1.5G
memory, although SMP was switched off in BIOS and this kernel was not supporting
compilation was OK but with warnings.
With smbclient 8139 was a bit faster (~6 -> ~7 Mbytes/sec) and from W2k the
"standard" file operations were OK.

Does anybody has any experience with this P4P800 motherboard and it's integrated

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