FW: [Samba] How to share WIN partitions from SAMBA (Dual boot) Srv to WIN clients?

George Peters wombat53 at optonline.net
Sat Apr 3 21:25:09 GMT 2004

I have followed these suggestions, but the files re still not available on
the client (ls shows zero). It would appear to be a permissions issues.
Enclosed  zip of fstabs and smb.conf
I have a question about the concepts here.
To serve a WIN share (to WIN clients), what steps must be followed?
Do I mount, or smbmount? is file type ntfs, or smbfs?
Thinking about it, this is my understanding, as a newbie:
1)mount makes a local f/system available to the local machine. This can be a
system of many types, including WIN. These may optionally be pre-mounted in
2)smbmount ( aka "mount -t smbfs") will make remote WIN services (shares)
available. smbmount appears to function as the "client for MS networks", but
is perhaps the equivalent for Linux networks??
3)smb.conf  and installed SAMBA specifies which services/shares are
available to remote machines i.e. the equivalent of  MS WIN File and Printer
sharing. The remote (WIN) box could then browse and access such such a
defined share. i.e. NET USE, My Network Places, etc. I am not sure if they
must be mounted to be shared..I would guess that they must.

So, if I have a WIN client, wishing to browse WIN shares from a LINUX box:
the SMB Server must define the shares in smb.conf (and optionally mount
them), and that is all need be done! In fact, quite simple if the settings
are right.
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> Malcolm
> Perhaps I am getting near the end ...)of this process, of my rope, or
> both)


> I ensured the fstab reeferenced the NTFS partitions as ro (read only)

Please zip up your /etc/fstab file and email this to me.

> I ensured  my smb.conF to declare the WIN shares as browseable=yes, and
> read only = yes.

You've restarted smbd since changing the smb.conf file?

> Paths are /mnt/hd/c and d, respectively, corresponding to
> two DOS/WIN partitions C: and D: (/dev/hda2 and /dev/hda5)

Both of these are mounted?

Paste the output of

cat /etc/mtab in an email to me.

> I chmod the actual /mnt directory to Octal 555 (r_x), and the
> sub-directories also.

> Both Linux Server and WIN client can access the shares, but there are no
> files there ...ls command returns nothing. That is my problem.

The ls command under which environment? The local Samba server's? (logged in
via SSH or console?)

Firstly, please verify you can see the files from the SAMBA server locally,
i.e., login to its console or via SSH, and perform an ls /mnt/hd/c and make
sure you see the files there.

It's also possible that the file permissions the ntfs driver is passing back
are too restrictive.

Aha.  This is your problem.  I just peeked at the ntfs section of mount:

Mount options for ntfs:
   uid=value, gid=value and umask=value
   Set  the  file  permission on the filesystem.  The umask value is given
in octal.  By default, the files are owned by root and not readable by
somebody else.

In the options section of /etc/fstab for the two NTFS volumes, you will want
the following options:


So something like:

/dev/hda2      /mnt/hd/c    ntfs   ro,uid=1000,gid=100,umask=770  0   0
/dev/hda5      /mnt/hd/d    ntfs   ro,uid=1000,gid=100,umask=770  0   0

Should do the trick.  Replace uid/gid with whatever values you deem
pertinent.  Keep in mind that ntfs permissions will be disregarded for the
most part [from a user/group perspective].


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