[Samba] password ynchronisation

Simon Oliver s.oliver at umist.ac.uk
Fri Apr 2 15:17:28 GMT 2004

A few questions on the "ldap passwd sync" directive:


ldap passwd sync = yes|no|only

"This option is used to define whether or not Samba should sync the LDAP
password with the NT and LM hashes for normal accounts..."

(a) yes - Try to update the LDAP, NT and LM passwords and update the
pwdLastSet time,
(b) no - Do it like before, only update NT and LM passwords and update the
pwdLastSet time,
(c) only - Only update the LDAP password and let the LDAP server doing the

Now, assuming my samba box is a PDC (to mixed 98, NT, 2K, XP) running in
LDAP mode and I'm using pam_ldap or pam_krb5 for unix authentication...

1. How does option (c) work - what is the effective difference between (c)
and (a) - how does the LDAP server do the rest - what is "the rest"?

2. If LDAP is using KERBEROS authentication will the kerberos password get
updated when the user changes her SAMBA password.

3. What if a unix user changes their password via passwd on the console -
will both the SAMBA and KERBEROS passwords get updates?


  Simon Oliver

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