[Samba] smbmount, winbind and autofs

Dan Am samba at lonx.net
Fri Apr 2 14:32:02 GMT 2004

Hi all,
trying to automount the homedir on login on a 
Linux client to a Win PDC  (or Lin PDC for that matter)
This semms like a bright a idea, because it enables me to replace any 
Win workstation with a Lin Workstation, but:  

1. The password. Unable to give the password to autofs.

.....but even so, if I cleartext the password into the autofsmap: 

2. The share gets mounted by root, which means
USER cannot acces his own homedir :-(

So...I cannot use autofs ? Alternatives ? Workarounds ? Anybody ?
I think it would be  a useful thing, if it worked. 


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