[Samba] new user SAMBA password question

carmoda freebsd.org at carmoda.com
Fri Apr 2 12:26:20 GMT 2004


I'm running SAMBA 2.28 on FreeBSD 5.1 and i administrate the system with
the web interface 'webmin' and have done so with little problem for some
time. yet, today i added a new user to FreeBSD, and assumed that the new
user should be able to access my shares as; SAMBA is configured to
mirror the users in unix. The new user could not access any of the
shares from an XP as the newly created accounts, but could do so as my
own account. Upon closer viewing, i noticed the new users we being added
to SAMBA as 'Normal user' with 'No password'.
I run on my network a simple windows for workgroups set-up, and i have
been administering SAMBA with webmin without a hitch until now. What
should i be looking for? I cannot see any difference in the new users
account in FreeBSD and my account, nor in the smb.conf file.


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