[Samba] samba and windows

Matthias Spork hallo at matthiasspork.de
Fri Apr 2 11:59:32 GMT 2004

Enrique schrieb:
> Dear fiends ,   i want to know the main  advantage and disadvantage   
> of  samba 3  relative to  windows 2003 . I have to take a decision 
> between samba y windows . My network have  1500 computers and want to 
> use securities policies.  Samba work with poledit of winNT , this is a 
 > disadvantage relative to windows 2003 or not? .

Cheap, fast, secure, Non-MS

Sometimes very difficult to install
MS is easier to administrate

If you are a good in linux, make a testinstallation, for your own 


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