[Samba] Update Samba - Build RPM or install it over existing version?

Steven Kurylo skurylo at cleartech.ca
Thu Apr 1 18:52:15 GMT 2004

Michael Gasch wrote:

> hi
> as the subject already tells you:
> is it better (and "cleaner") to build samba v3 always as RPM and 
> install it or - in case of an update of samba - simply overwrite the 
> existing version with "configure && make && make install" ?
> normally there aren't too many changes in the paths of the 
> install-scripts, so that all (old) samba files are correctly overwritten
> what would you suggest?

You shouldn't ever mix rpm installs with make installs, its asking for 
trouble.  Use which ever method you used for the original install.

Steven Kurylo

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