[Samba] NT4 / 3.0.3pre1 access denied

Rainer Janson rjanson at kaiser-pressen.de
Thu Apr 1 13:58:50 GMT 2004


our server runs on suse 9.0 prof (2.4.21, cups 1.1.19) with suse rpms
3.0.3pre1 (we have to use this version because we had problems printing from our
win9x clients under 3.0.2a).

Here is my problem
1. I open a command shell under NT4 (SP6a)
2. I change to a network drive (samba share)
3. I enter "echo 123 > test.txt"
result: I get "access denied"

4. Then I open (same user) the explorer
5. change to the same folder/drive as in 2.
6. right mouse click, create new textfile
result: I can create that file and rename, delete, or whatever I want to
with it.

If I do step 1 to 3 unter win2k, all works fine as under 3.0.2a, too.

any ideas?


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