[Samba] Samba no access

Chris Botha jc-botha at cedar.org.za
Thu Apr 1 08:00:46 GMT 2004

Dear Sir

I am mailing you in my frustration that nobody can help me to solve a problem. Could you try and help me? Well in short this is my problem.

I recently installed a new server at a local college with fedora. It is working well as a internet sharing masquerading server but the file server using samba is a mess. I have tried everything and I do not get it going. Firstly if I use security share then I can view the files that I set to every one, if I put restriction onto that it does not work. Setting security to user fails, I cannot access the server, does not recognise my password and username. I come to a conclusion that it does not recognise my users on the system. But they do appear in the smbpasswd and passwd files. To avoid any starting problems I created a dummy user with its own group, then added a user to that group. Still does not work. I desperately want to get the homes to work.

Please I would be grateful for a reply. 

If you would like to have a copy of my smb.cinfig then I am willing to mail it to you.

Chris Botha.

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