[Samba] Do you want to reload the file...

Rick Ong rick at iconpacific.com
Thu Apr 1 03:57:29 GMT 2004


I got a problem with windows applications always asking me to reload the
file my linux file server just read. 

I'm developing web sites and my setup is Windows 2000 (for page authoring)
and Samba on Redhat 9. All my files are on the Redhat machine. The HTTP
server is also on Redhat. When I open a file on the Redhat machine from
Windows, and then I browse/read the file, the editor on Windows
(notepad/dreamweaver) will ask me to reload the file. 

So my question is there a way to stop these notifications whenever a file is
read ? The file is not being changed or written to, by the way. 

Thanks in advance!


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