[Samba] Problem writing to XP share

Skip Evans skip at ncseweb.org
Tue Sep 30 22:38:03 GMT 2003

Hello all,

I've just recently gotten a Linux 9 install up in
my quest to do away with MS Windows on my desktop,
but am having trouble writing to an XP shared 
drive where we store most of our office files.

I can read files from it fine, but any attempt to
write gives me errors, typically directory is read
only. However, any other machine can write to it 
and I can see on the XP machine itself it does 
appear set up to allow others on the network to
write to the disk.

I am also currently running MS Office through 
Crossover and those apps seem to be able to write 
to it fine.

I have a user set up on the XP machine with the 
same user name and password as my Linux 
workstation login, and the mount command in the 
fstab file is:
//server/c /mnt/XPserver  smbfs 

With the same username and password of course.

I belive my settings in the smb.conf are okay, but 
who can be certain? I have a FreeBSD machine here 
that acts as a web server, email server, etc, and 
I can write to the disk from there. So I copied 
the basic settings from its smb.conf file to the 
Linux one. No luck.

Anyone got any ideas? I'm pretty stumped at this 
Skip Evans
Network Project Director
National Center for Science Education
420 40th St, Suite 2
Oakland, CA 94609
510-601-7203 Ext. 308
510-601-7204 (fax)
evans at ncseweb.org

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