[Samba] Printing: unable to connect from Windows

Tom N. Eastgard tom at eastgard.org
Tue Sep 30 19:15:37 GMT 2003

OK..this is driving me nuts.

I cannot print from Windoze, consistenly getting a "Access denied; 
Unable to connect" error message" from my samba print server.

Config ---
Server: RH9.0 uptodate with patches, errata.
         Samba 2.2.7
	HP OfficeJet K60 - hpoj 0.90-14

Client: Win2K w/sp4
	HP OfficeJet K60 driver

What I *can* do ---

Print just fine on RH9/Samba server to the directly connected HP 
Office jet via USB connection.

 From Windoze client, access all appropriate shares on Server -- 
read/write, etc.

 From client, I can print from Windoze CL, e.g. C:\echo Blah, blah > 

What I can*not* do ---

 From the client Win2K config printer window do a test print.

When I pull up "properties" on the shared printer, I get the "Access 
denied..." error.

All suggestions, recommendations and jeers cheerfully accepted...

TIA, te

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