[Samba] Solaris 2.6 rpcsec & MIT krb5-1.3.1 header conflict

Brian Ford ford at vss.fsi.com
Tue Sep 30 16:47:57 GMT 2003

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Hi.  I am trying to compile samba 3.0.0 on a Solaris 2.6 box.  I noticed
that samba needed MIT Kerberos, so I compiled and installed krb5-1.3.1, I
believe, successfully in /usr/local.

I now think that may have been a mistake.  Trying to compile
samba 3.0.0, I get the following:

Compiling dynconfig.c
In file included from include/includes.h:429,
                 from dynconfig.c:21:
/usr/local/include/gssapi/gssapi.h:120: warning: redefinition of
/usr/include/rpc/rpcsec_gss.h:60: warning: `gss_cred_id_t' previously
declared here
/usr/local/include/gssapi/gssapi.h:121: warning: redefinition of
/usr/include/rpc/rpcsec_gss.h:59: warning: `gss_ctx_id_t' previously
declared here
/usr/local/include/gssapi/gssapi.h:172: conflicting types for
/usr/include/rpc/rpcsec_gss.h:61: previous declaration of
make: *** [dynconfig.o] Error 1

I noticed that on Solaris 8, rpcsec_gss.h includes <gssapi/gssapi.h>, so
this conflict is not present.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Should I try to back out the krb5
install?  Thanks.

Brian Ford
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VITAL - Visual Simulation Systems
FlightSafety International
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