[Samba] Cannot start SWAT on Solaris 8 server - libiconv.so.2: open failed: No such file or directory

Alexander Skwar listen at alexander.skwar.name
Tue Sep 30 13:46:29 GMT 2003


I'm having some trouble getting SWAT to run on a Solaris 8 server of mine.
On this server, SWAT is started through inetd:

root_s07nfs:/opt/ > grep swat /etc/inetd.conf
swat    stream  tcp     nowait.400      root    /opt/samba-3.0.0/samba/bin/swat swat

When I go to http://server:901/, I see this in the browser window:

ld.so.1: swat: fatal: libiconv.so.2: open failed: No such file or directory

I suppose this is because libiconv.so.2 is in /usr/local/lib:

root_s07nfs:/opt/ > ls -la /usr/local/lib/libiconv.so.2 /usr/local/lib/libiconv.so.2.1.0
lrwxrwxrwx   1 root     other         17 Sep 30 13:18 /usr/local/lib/libiconv.so.2 -> libiconv.so.2.1.0
-rwxr-xr-x   1 bin      bin      1138992 Jan 27  2003 /usr/local/lib/libiconv.so.2.1.0

I guess, this is because /usr/local/lib isn't in a path the dynamical
linker searches when looking for libraries. I tried to add /usr/local/lib
to this path by running crle:

root_s07nfs:/opt/ > crle

Configuration file [3]: /var/ld/ld.config
  Default Library Path (ELF):   /usr/lib:/usr/local/lib:/usr/local/ssl/lib
  Trusted Directories (ELF):    /usr/lib/secure  (system default)

Command line:
  crle -c /var/ld/ld.config -l /usr/lib:/usr/local/lib:/usr/local/ssl/lib

Even after restarting inetd, login via browser is not possible.

Hm. When I run smbd, the path configured with crle is used for searching

Any ideas how I can get swat to work?

Thanks a lot,

Alexander Skwar
 * We used to try various strange things. Let's not.
	2.2.16 /usr/src/linux/fs/buffer.c

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