[Samba] Testpram question

Karl Banasky kbanasky at heatcon.com
Mon Sep 29 23:21:09 GMT 2003

Wow.  Thanks and what ignorance comes from me from time to time.  The documents are a blissful sight, I briefly looked through them (I will explore more detail soon) and what a work of art.  Thank you for pointing me to them, which I did look at earlier but not much conviction as to if they were up to date (looked at them from the SAMBA web sight).  Your words were all I needed to solidify its accuracy.  Thanks again for the great job you and the rest of the SAMBA team continue to do.  I look forward to learning more about 3.0.0 and answering some posts on this list myself.

Oh, you asked for contributions to the documents lay out or something of the like.  This is a small and might not be greatly relevant suggestion:  On the title page put that it covers some 2.2.X and mostly 3.X as of date (differences in italics?).  I say this with my own confusion as to the differences between setting up a 2.2 server and a 3.0 sever, Is it greatly different? I do not know: I will soon find out thou. Rhyme intentional:)
Thanks for listening.

>>  On Mon, 29 Sep 2003, Karl Banasky wrote:

 >>  > Hello.  I am looking at using SAMBA 3.0.0 on a RedHat 9 server.  Have a
 >>  > 2.2.8 working.  I am having trouble with documents about 3.0.0.  Any
 >>  > recommendations would be great, thanks. Now the question.  I ran
 >>  > testpram on a 3.0.0 install and I get a "Server role: ROLE_STANDALONE"
 >>  > What is this? I see no reference to this. Thanks for the help.

 >>  Karl,

 >>  What problems are you having with the documentation for 3.0.0? I'd like to
 >>  help, but your complaint is not clear.

 >>  There is in the Samba-HOWTO-Collection.pdf that you will find in the
 >>  ~samba/docs directory of the samba-3.0.0 tarball a chapter called "Server
 >>  Types and Security Modes" and there is a chpater on "Stand-Alone Server"
 >>  configuration. Please help me to understand what I should have put into
 >>  the document that is not there. What did I get wrong? I am sure something
 >>  is wrong with the documentation if you believe this to be the case. Just
 >>  one request though, please help me to understand what I did wrong so it
 >>  can be fixed.

 >>  Cheers,
 >>  John T.
 >>  -- 
 >>  John H Terpstra
 >>  Email: jht at samba.org

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