[Samba] [Fwd: Winbind under 3.0

Ron Garcia-Vidal ghstwrtr at evilgenius.net
Mon Sep 29 19:34:20 GMT 2003

Jelmer Vernooij wrote:

>>So under 2.8 this was happening, until I realized I hadn't installed
>>libpam-smbpass.  Once I did this, access was granted.  After I upgraded
>>I checked that all relevant packages were at 3.0beta2 and they were,
>>including libpam-smbpass.  So am I missing another library?  Am I
>>missing something in my smb.conf file?  Here's the output of testparm:
>libpam-smbpass is not required to make samba work correctly. It is of
>absolutely no use when you put it inside /etc/pam.d/samba.
Well, under 2.8 it didn't work until I installed that library. Maybe a 
quirk with my setup.  No biggie, your statement is certainly true for 3.0.

>>~        obey pam restrictions = Yes
>^^ obey pam restrictions is only useful if you have 'encrypt passwords =
I was using obey pam restrictions because I had the line:

session         required        pam_mkhomedir.so skel=/etc/skel umask=0022

in pam.d/samba, in order to autocreate home directories when users 
accessed via smb.  Setting "obey pam restrictions" to no (or commenting 
it out) fixed the access problem I was having (Thanks very much!) but 
now home directories aren't being autocreated.  This is minor and will 
probably only result in mild annoyance on the part of my users, but if 
anyone knows of a way I can have my cake and eat it too, please do tell!


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