[Samba] authentication problems

Derek T. Yarnell derek at cs.umd.edu
Mon Sep 29 13:48:46 GMT 2003

Can you kinit correctly?

kinit username at REALM

If that gives you an error 52 then what I have found that if you are in
Native W2k3 mode for the domain then you will have to upgrade kerberos
to version 1.3.x to get it to work correctly (and link with the 1.3.x

Just something to try.

On Sat, Sep 27, 2003 at 04:29:41PM -0500, Aaron_Colichia at Dell.com wrote:
> My samba server is a member of my w2k3 mixed mode domain via 'net ads join'
> all users and groups can be seen with wbinfo + getent
> net ads commands show proper information
> I can connect to my local machine using winbind via /etc/pam.d/login
> but when my windows clients try to connect to any share, I receive:
> ads_verify_ticket: krb5_rd_req with auth failed (bad encryption)
> The machine account looks fine from both sides.
> I have signing turned off on the w2k3 server, and I have allowed anonymous
> queries.
> I've run out of clues on this one.
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