[Samba] net groupmap displays multiples

Chris Smith chris at realcomputerguy.com
Sun Sep 28 02:04:07 GMT 2003

On Saturday 27 September 2003 21:08, John H Terpstra wrote:
> It looks here as if you changed either the domain name or the machine name
> of your Samba server. That will result in the duplicate entries you see
> here.

OK, this probably happened during a reasonably sloppy install - I didn't quite 
know all the details (this is not to say that I know them now!). I had a 
standard SuSE 7.3 setup with Samba 2.2.7a and decided to compile 3.0 and 
install it in the default directories. So there were a few attempts at 
starting the new version with no to poor results before I finally found all 
the files (I think so, anyway) that needed to be copied from the default SuSE 
directories to the default 3.0 directories.
> To correct this, stop Samba, delete the group_mapping.tdb file.
> Then restart Samba and do not forget to map your Domain groups to valid
> UNIX groups.

Yes, very good, that did it.

> The Domain Admins group (RID=512) should be mapped to root (GID=0) so that
> you have true equivalency of administrative rights in both Windows and
> UNIX environments.

A possibility but I will pass on that for now as I don't fully know the 
ramifications of adding a user to the root group in Linux (but would 
certainly like to know).


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