TR : RE : [Samba] winbind and getent - fix ...

Jean-Marc Pouchoulon jean-marc.pouchoulon at
Fri Sep 26 17:24:26 GMT 2003

>But it didn't work.
>    Was this, to do with winbind and getent passwd?

Wbinfo -u -g works( list users's domain), getent passwd don't give me
back info on user's domain. ( just local users in /etc/passwd and ldap
users with posix account set) 

>There is no ldap request except for user with posix account. ( I can
>these users using getent )

>    I don't think there will be any LDAP requested when doing a getent 
>passwd with winbind, but I could be wrong ..

	I use ldapbackend for idmap. Maybe I don't understand the whole

>   I don't think this was meant for me, but I if it's the problem that 
>I had, on RedHat 9 using the rpm from the webpage, then do

>cd /lib
>ln -s

I did without any result

>    And make sure that you have winbind at the end of the line passwd, 
>group and hosts in /etc/nsswitch.conf, ie ...
>    passwd:     files winbind
>    group:      files winbind

I've Done it. I'v got
Passwd: files winbind ldap

If I delete all except winbind, no users were return by getent passwd.

It's certainly not a samba problem, but I don't understand why there is
no calls to winbind library.


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