[Samba] smbfs: sometimes can't read file on windows share

Steve sseremeth at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 26 17:01:06 GMT 2003


I have a RedHat 9 system mounting a windows share from a Windows XP Home 
machine that can't read new files put there sometimes, BUT, it can see 
them - it just gets permission denied.

Here are some data points:

1.  I mount the share with "smbmount" or "mount -t smbfs ..." and I pass 
a username and password, but windows always sees me as a guest.  I 
suspect this is normal for XP Home since there doesn't seem to be an 
auth model.

2.  If I manually add a file to the folder on windows, I can see and 
read it no problem.  It only fails when the file gets dropped there by a 
P2P sharing app I'm using.

3.  I checked to see if the P2P app is hanging on to the file using a 
windows lsof-type utility called handles - the app doesn't seem to have 
the file handle open.  Furthermore, I can open the file on windows as 
soon as it shows up in the folder.

4.  The file appears in the directory on the linux box with the same 
perms as the other files (755), yet I still can't read it.

5.  I can read it if I unshare and then re-share the windows folder from 
windows explorer.

This seems like some type of asynchronous thing within windows that 
basically caches a list of files that are ok for sharing _when_ the 
folder is shared.  However, the weird thing is that I can drop a file in 
by hand (image, txt file, doesn't matter) and immediately have read 
access from Linux.

I am testing read access a number of ways, using "file", "strings", even 
"cat".  Again - an ls shows the file.  Am I missing something - any 
ideas?  I'm hoping there's a registry entry somewhere that's going to 
correct this issue.



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