[Samba] Samba 3 / Solaris 8 / Kerberos

Patrik Gustavsson PS Sweden Senior Technical Consultant Patrik.Gustavsson at Sun.COM
Thu Sep 25 12:12:10 GMT 2003

On Solaris 8 and 9 I am using Kerberos from MIT and OpenLdap.


Thomas Müller wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a problem to compile Samba 3 with ADS support on Solaris. 
> Unfortunatly, Solaris 8 doesn't  come with integrated kerberos 
> support, so that configure doesn't find any support for kerberos. For 
> Solaris 8 there is a package called SEAM 1.0.1 with provides kerberos 
> functionality for Solaris, but the needed header file, i.e krb5.h, are 
> not included and according to my informations from SUN, they will not 
> ship the headers in future.
> Do I have a chance to compile Samba 3 with ADS support? Might it be a 
> solution to compile an install heimdal kerberos?
> When Samba 3 is compiled with the installed heimdal kerberos, will it 
> work with the SEAM from SUN?
> Does anyone here have experience with this topic and a solution?
> Kind regards.
> Th. Müller
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