[Samba] Rejoining an XP workstation to a domain

Dan Gapinski dangapinski at qsi-r2.com
Wed Sep 24 20:18:28 GMT 2003


I have been trying to rejoin a computer to a newly remade PDC on the same domain name using Samba 2.2.7 on RedHat 9. I get this error message everytime I try:

Title: "Computer Name Changes"

"The following error occurred attempting to join the domain "Quasar":

Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user, using more than one user name, are not allowed. Disconnect all previous connections to the server or shared resource and try again..."

I had gone as far as disabling the network interface, then reenabling it, and rejoining - it still gives the same error. Any thoughts at this point?

Dan Gapinski

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