[Samba] Re: 3.0rc4 + ldap backend (Advice? Suggestions?)

paul k paul at subsignal.org
Wed Sep 24 19:07:53 GMT 2003

Cybr0t McWhulf wrote:

> Howdy Folks,
> I'm working on implimenting centralized authentication for a mixed
> environment:
> 			- Samba(3.0rc4) -> Win2k/XP
> OpenLDAP User Store ->	- nss_ldap 	-> linux/unix
> 			- FreeRadius 	-> Cisco/HP Networking Equip
> (My apologies if that doesn't look right for anyone)
> I have a functional ldap database (openldap-2.0.27-8), and I'd very much
> like to use Samba 3.x (been using Samba for PDC since TNG), but I'm mildly
> disconcerted by the (possibly undocumented?) changes in the way
> certain things are handled.
What do you mean? The schema changes?

> At this point I'd just like to ask the community if anyone's successfully
> done Samba 3.x as PDC with ldap backend and has any advice / suggestions /
> pointers?
I' am using samba3-beta3 with openldap-2.1.21 quite successfully, I'd 
suggest use a recent version of openldap, 2.0.x is outdated and 
unsupported now.

The only thing I see is, there are timeouts when accessing shares but im 
not sure if that is a LDAP problem. It might be, since there are very 
heavy group lookups and nscd doesn't cache initgroups(1) calls. I'd like 
to hear other experiences (or if samba relies for groups on NSS at all).


> Thanks for your help,
>  -- Cybr0t McWhulf

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