[Samba] Finding user's machine

John B. Hewitt jb at stcpl.com.au
Wed Sep 24 12:43:27 GMT 2003

In Samba 2.2 or Samba 3.0, is there a simple command to find which 
machine a user is logged into on a domain?

I know with nmblookup finding machine names quite trival (nmblookup 
machinename) and also with nmblookup you can find all soughts of 
information on the machine.

 > nmblookup -A
Looking up status of
         PC004           <00> -         M <ACTIVE>
         LANSKEY         <00> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE>
         PC004           <03> -         M <ACTIVE>
         PC004$          <03> -         M <ACTIVE>
         PC004           <20> -         M <ACTIVE>
         LANSKEY         <1e> - <GROUP> M <ACTIVE>
         MICHELLEOBRIEN  <03> -         M <ACTIVE>

Unfortunately the user name "MICHELLEOBRIEN" is the same class as the 
PC name PC004 (both are <03>).

So, is there an easy way to do this or do I have to string together a 
few scripts?


	John B. Hewitt
	Mobile: 0408 22 09 13
	www: www.stcpl.com.au

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